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I am so excited to share an incredible West Virginia Florist on today’s Wedding Tip Wednesday post. Chantelle is so talented, kind and hard working. The floral work she produces is unlike any other florist I’ve ever seen. Each piece she created is thoughtfully curated. I knew she would be perfect to feature on the blog!

About Rooted in Flora

I first met Chantelle a few years ago while working one of my favorite weddings. I always admired her work and it was truly incredible to see her bring it to life. She is brilliantly talented! I asked her a little bit of her story behind Rooted in Floral. This West Virginia Florist said “Like most florists I have always been drawn to flowers, their smell and beauty. With an affinity to design and a passion to create, making arrangements lit a fire in me like nothing else. I yearned to create florals with a deeper meaning – florals without a shelf life. Something more than working with trendy color palettes and styles for a passing season. I wanted to capture the stories and feelings that endure through florals. The experiences I’ve had, combined with my passion for bringing beautiful moments to fruition, forms the ethos behind my business.” This very answer is the reason why I am so passionate about working with people like Chantelle. For all of us, it’s so much more than just “creating pretty images/florals/designs.” We all truly care about making a lasting impact on our couples and their stories.

Floral Work

In addition to sourcing specialty blooms, Chantelle works closely with local farmers throughout our region who use environmentally friendly growing practices. She even has a small scale flower garden of her own where she can grow flowers specifically for wedding days. Last summer, I did some family photos for her family and she gave me the most beautiful bouquet! Flowers really do make your heart feel happy. Chantelle said this about her work for clients “It’s truly a gift to be able to be able to share in someone special day, helping bring to life so many unique and beautiful visions.”

Advice for Couples

I always love asking fellow wedding vendors what advice they would give to couples who are wedding planning. Chantelle’s response was so great regarding wedding florals. She said “Three things you should consider when planning your wedding flowers. Size – Do you like small, medium or large arrangements Abundance – a little, a bit, a lot. Are you wanting flowers in just a few places or are you drawn to a full floral look? Priority – Non-negotiable vs nice to have. Maybe you prefer having a statement piece for your ceremony and table arrangements are not as important to you. All these things can determine the overall cost of your florals. If you have a better understanding of your wants and needs a florist will be able to assist you with a budget that is appropriate for what you are wanting. There are so many misconceptions when it comes to flower pricing.”

She went on to share a few more of her thoughts: “We all love Pinterest for wedding ideas and it’s wonderful source. I think it’s important for couples to remember that the majority of the florals you see and love are considered a more luxury design with premium blooms that are pricey and these designs require a lot of labor. If you come with an open mind when meeting your florist and a solid budget of what you can spend most floral designers will be able to give you an idea of what you can afford for your budget.”

Continued Planning Advice

Most couples can become quickly overwhelmed with every aspect of wedding planning. If you start with a great planner who can help guide you to use your budget accordingly, it will make your lives 150% easier. Set a realistic budget and then reach out to your favorite vendors and decide where you’re willing to splurge and save. I always advise my couples to invest in the things that outlive their wedding day! Florals are one of those things that will be in every photograph in some way, shape or form. Chantelle gives great advice!

If you’re interested in working with Chantelle, you can visit her website and reach out. I love working with her! 10/10 recommend her to any bride.

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