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Hear wedding planning advice from Charlottesville wedding planner, Champagne Wishes on the blog today! Katelyn began her business in December of 2020. Although she had never operated a business before; she had experience helping others manage their businesses, and had seen some of her family members run their own businesses for years.

About Champagne Wishes

This Charlottesville wedding planner used her customer service skills that the restaurant industry drilled into her, and took a chance. Katelyn told me “Besides marring my husband, it was the best decision I ever made. The freedom and the feeling of purpose that I knew was always so close in my life was finally my reality, and to this day the longing for more never stops.” How sweet is that! Katelyn has big plans for growth, but understands that she needs a strong foundation before she reaches them.

What this Charlottesville Wedding Planner loves about her job

I asked Katelyn what she loves about her job and wedding planning. She said “I love everything about my job. But the best part is having the conscious awareness that the skills, knowledge, and efforts I put into this job is always being rewarded with the feeling of value and meaning.” Katelyn went on to say “This is incredibly cliché, but my favorite part about a wedding is fluffing the bride’s dress and sending her down the aisle. This is one of the moments throughout the day where you will see me tear up, the other is the father/daughter dance.”

Planning Advice from this Charlottesville Wedding Planner

One of my favorite things to ask every vendor is for wedding planning advice. I asked Katelyn and she said “Do not delay in booking vendors. Book the venue first, the coordinator/planner second, and then catering, photography, hair/makeup, baker, and entertainment.” She also gives great advice to brides who may feel the need to consume their entire lives with planning their wedding. Katelyn says “Planning will come in ebbs and flows. Most brides hit the ground running for about two months, and then take two months off. That is totally normal. Do not feel like you have to make planning a wedding your full time job, because you will get burnt out, and you will constantly want the wedding day to over. Ask for help and delegate jobs to your planner, friends, and family.”

This is excellent advice! So many times I see brides trying to plan it all by themselves. This can quickly become overwhelming and make you lose sight of the real reason you’re planning a wedding in the first place. Always remember to keep your love in the center of planning! And learn to delegate. Take that advice from this crazy type-A former COVID bride.

If you’d like to learn more about Katelyn and Champagne Wishes, click here. Champagne Wishes is a Charlottesville Wedding Planner that serves all of Central Virginia. Never miss a blog post! Sign up for my email list here. Want to see another wedding tip Wednesday post? Click here!


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