Three Tips for Time Management

I can’t listen to music and get work done… you heard that right. I have to use these time management tips to get any work done at all, in fact. I was that weird kid in college who just needed complete silence to study or write reports. While I’m typing out this blog post, it’s the exact same way. I get it. Sometimes for others, music allows them to decompress and think freely, I get caught up in all the words and fun beat of the song and lose my train of thought. I can’t be alone, right?

Let’s go back to the beginning

When I started my business almost 6 years ago, I was a college freshman. I knew this was a call on my life from The Lord. I just had no idea this fun and creative outlet I had always loved could actually turn into a career. While I didn’t technically go “full-time” until July 2020, I always put myself under pressure to get my work done in a timely manner.

After I finally was able to work full time, I found myself easily overwhelmed and burnt out. There would be days I’d work nonstop for 10 hour straight and then other days I wanted to spend on the couch snuggling our puppy, Cubbie.

Something had to Change

While the work/life balance can be challenging from home, there are three time management tips that I use to every day in order to make sure I’m getting my work done… and not getting burnt out.

Turn off Notifications

This may sound hard at first. Believe me, there are still days that I struggle with this, but I promise you… we don’t realize how much time we WASTE by picking up our phone to check notifications.

Create a Schedule

If you work from home, sometimes a schedule can sounds intimidating. Like, you wanted to be a small business owner to get out of working 9-5, right!? I know what days are my working days and what days I need to take a break. It truly is all about balance!

Prioritize your Tasks

Think about the things that you need to complete in a week. Then in a day, then in the hour. Prioritizing your tasks can help you break down overwhelming tasks that seem impossible to complete. I love to do this so I don’t get anxious about what’s happening in a super busy month or season. It gives me peace of mind.

Work/Life Balance

Overall, the act of working for yourself can feel like a juggling act. It’s all about finding the right balance for your work and life. I know it’s not possible for me to work 24/7 because I want to be present with my family, so I use these daily tips to ensure I’m making the most of the time I have to work.

You can download my free printable time management tip guide here!


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