The Benefits of an Intimate Wedding

Let’s talk about the benefit of Intimate weddings. Over the last two years we’ve seen weddings take a rather hard hit or shift to a more simple and small approach. Instead of 300 guests, couples have had scale back to include only their very closest friends and family. Weird, right? Doesn’t every couple dream of the super big fairytale wedding? Nope!!! The truth is that’s not everyone’s dream and that’s okay.  I absolutely LOVE small weddings and here’s why:


I have fallen in love with the intimate weddings with your closest loved ones because it just feels so much more personal and intentional. All of a sudden it isn’t all about “entertaining guests” or staying on a strict schedule to get all the order of events in. Just celebration. What weddings and marriage are all about- a union of love.

canaan valley intimate wedding


Intimate weddings aren’t full of stressful timelines or nonstop running. It’s a day full of laughing with your very closest friends and family. Tons of getting ready shots, portrait time and family style dinners. They are the best for couples who don’t want to be rushed or stressed during their best day!

Splurge and save on things that matter

Small weddings mean you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a big venue or fancy catering. You can splurge on the things that are most important to you two and save on places that aren’t! If you’ve dreamed of an intimate ceremony overlooking the mountains or on a beach, or in the desert- DO IT!!! It should be exactly what you want it to be.

I love small weddings. The full of love, close-knit and laid back days make my heart so full. Don’t get me wrong, I love any wedding, but intimate ones are so special. If you’re wondering about eloping or planning a small wedding don’t hesitate to reach out!! I’d love to help in any way.


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