Tuesdays in Thomas | Why Family Means the Most

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]’ve spent basically every Sunday growing up in a teeny tiny church in the mountains of West Virginia. And every Sunday after church we’d walk across the road and down the hill to my grandparents’ home. My Grammy and Pappy’s house is where I spent a lot of my childhood. Some of my fondest memories were made there playing with my four cousins. Grammy and Pappy’s house was and always will be one of my favorite places.

Our family is close knit. Like, extremely close. My cousins are like my siblings and we grew up doing everything together. Grammy and Pappy’s house is where we all are able to get together, every week. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

Here we are a decade later and our family has practically doubled in size, but every Sunday after church we still walk across the road and down the hill to Grammy and Pappy’s. I cherished time at their house when I was just little but after the last year we’ve had, it’s just so much more special.

Grammy and Pappy’s has always been the place we celebrate birthdays and holidays too. We all have so many memories here.

Pappy always has coffee waiting on everyone. Every single Sunday.

Anson loves to play! Whether it’s coloring, or playing with cars, he always is doing something fun!

During the winter, we always have a big puzzle (or two) to complete! This was our second this year. It’s the family picture from our wedding!

This little boy’s imagination. He loves this puppy!

Gram has always worn so many pretty rings on her fingers. When I took this one she said, “I’ve got a lot more than this!” She’s right. A lot are from Pappy over the years.

These two! I just can’t get enough of them.

The last party we had was for Silas’s 3rd birthday. That sweet little girl beside of him is his older cousin Asalynn. In these pictures they were eyeing up those cupcakes. Both are my cousins’ babies. They’re growing up so quickly I just can’t believe it! Asalynn is giving Silas pointers of how to be the big sibling. He is getting ready to be a big brother this summer. Another sweet baby to add to our crew!!

Every Sunday ends with hugs. Grammy and Pappy’s hugs are the best.

I love my family. They all really mean the world to me. We’re all so close! My four cousins are like my sisters and their babies are like my babies. I love that The Lord has allowed us all to live close to each other and be together at least once a week! Hug your family a little tighter when you have time together. I’m so thankful for these memories!


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